Manitoba Electoral Divisions Boundaries Commission

57 Electoral Divisions

By law, Manitoba’s electoral boundaries are reviewed every 10 years. Every Manitoban lives within an electoral division, sometimes called ‘riding’ or ‘constituency’. The eligible voters in each electoral division elect a Member of the Legislative Assembly or MLA to represent them. There are 57 electoral divisions and each one is represented by one MLA.

Open and Transparent Public Consultation, in Person and Online

As Manitoba’s population changes, it is necessary to review electoral boundaries to ensure effective representation for everyone. All Manitobans can participate in the boundary review, making it a fair and transparent process.

A Ten-Year Cycle

The Commission meets every 10 years (using the most recent census data) and must submit its report by December 31 in the year it meets. If a division has a significant increase or decrease in population, the boundaries for that division might need to change.

The last boundary review was in 2008. The boundaries set in 2008 were used in the 2011 and 2016 general elections. The Commission is an independent and impartial body, whose membership is set by The Electoral Divisions Act.