2006 Census Population Statistics

The 2008 Electoral Division Boundaries Commission was required to base its 2008 review of the boundaries on the population for Manitoba. The total population was divided by the number of electoral divisions in the province (57 divisions), establishing a quotient for each division.

Where the commission was of the opinion that a population variation was desirable, the commission was permitted to vary electoral division populations by:

  • 10% above or below the quotient for divisions south of the 53rd parallel and
  • 25% above or below the quotient for divisions wholly or partially north of the 53rd parallel.

The permitted variation was the same as was in place for the 1998 boundaries commission.

2006 Total Population for Manitoba: 1,148,401

Quotient per Electoral Division for Manitoba: 20,147

Deviation of ± 10% range of: 18,133 to 22,162

Deviation of ± 25% range of: 15,111 to 25,184